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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Tesco Finest Chocolate - If It Ain't Broke, Fix It

No one gets promoted for saying, "Hey, I've got an Idea, Let's leave things as they are!" You get promoted for innovating. If the innovation makes the world better, all well and good. If it doesn't, who will notice?

A few years ago, Tesco introduced a range of 100 gram Finest chocolate bars. They were very reasonably priced - around £1 each - and they were good. One of them quickly won a Prize. That was the Peruvian milk chocolate with a high cocoa content - 39% if I recall correctly. The chocolate was loose textured and buttery and full of flavour and aroma. I used to buy this variety and give it as small presents.

Then things changed. Someone in packaging - I guess - noticed that the chunky, loose-textured bars of the new range took up more space than they needed to. So production was switched to machines (in Italy) which steamroller the chocolate in to tight-packed and thinner bars - just like some well-known Swiss chocolate brands. Unfortunately, the steamroller version simply lacks the flavour of the open-textured original.

Tesco keeps playing around with this chocolate. The packaging has gone through a couple of redesigns and when I bought a bar today I noticed the cocoa content is up to 43%. But what we have now is an average OK kind of chocolate, not the prize-winning Wow! chocolate we had a few years ago. They've fixed that problem and I guess someone got promoted for it. I will have to look elsewhere for my great chocolate experiences.

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