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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cookies? Or simply Kooky?

I have finally cracked it. If I go onto and look at booking a flight, then the next time I go to browse the front page of the, up jump banners and panels telling me about the delights of easyjet. This, it seems, is what cookies do. They let a retailer know that whoever is using computer Nr 12334567890 has just looked at their website so if you want to follow up this potential customer, now is the time to fly banners on the next website this person visits.

This seems a bit dumb to me. It's a bit like a salesperson in one shop following you when you leave and accosting you in the next shop you visit, still trying to sell you what you've just bought or considered buying. It's a bit rude too. Sorry, I have now left the easyjet website and turned my attention to The Guardian, kindly leave the page.

They are all at it: pursues me and so does, but most of them give up after about a week. But at some point in the past I did something which persuaded some retailer than my desire for Düsseldorf hotels is infinite and they are never going to give up trying. Maybe Cookie Technology isn't quite perfect.

I have heard that the people who make their living from Cookie technology make it sound much more sophisticated. They can build up a complete Profile of this guy who sits at computer Nr 1234567890. And, true, they have figured out things about me. They have found out (or inferred) my age group and as a result I find myself regularly invited to place my retirement savings into some Ponzi scheme or other. What they haven't figured out is that I don't really have any retirement savings. As for invitations to find my partner on some dating site, I think this is probably a cross we all have to bear rather than the result of expert, forensic intrusion into my private life.

Dear Reader, count yourself lucky. I have three Blogs, two of which have enough visitors for Google to tell me that I should Monetize them - make money by allowing Google to fly banners and make things Pop Up all over my Blogs. But I have decided to spare you. And perhaps eventually the Cookie makers will decide that their business is just Kooky.

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  1. On the other hand, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. All these free services on the internet (email, blogging etc) have to be funded one way or another, and intrusive advertising is a better option than pay-as-you go.