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Monday, 22 September 2014

England's Green and Pleasant Land

Finally, we say, Enough is Enough. We will use our new Devolved Powers and we will say that Pavements are for People. Parks are for People. Beaches - even in Brighton - are for People.

We have tried for long enough to curb the anti-social behaviour of Dog Addicts. We have spent millions on telling them to Clear Up after their pooches and many many millions more shovelling their shit into lorries and carting it away to landfill.

We have tried without success to persuade them to keep their dogs on leads at all times. We have tried to curb their taste for dogs which bark and attack and sometimes kill. Enough is Enough.

From now on, no dogs on pavements; no dogs in parks; no dogs on beaches

No longer will parents have to navigate their child's buggy around pavement dog shit. No longer will parents have to check that the grass or the pebbles are clear enough of shit for their children to play. No longer will everyone have to watch out as they walk the pavements or go to sit on the grass.No longer will people have to get away from the "He's Friendly" dog jumping all over them

We've waited a long time for Devolution and this is how we are going to use it.

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