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Monday, 11 May 2015

Boardroom Shake-Up in the Labour Party?

They really are headless chickens. The Leader commits ritual suicide and immediately the media is full of photographs of those who want to be next up for the guillotine, preferably this week. The godfather figures - Lord Mandelson at their head - indicate who they want to see fronting the organisation. Most of the wannabes no one has really heard of before now. It's all rather absurd. It's got nothing to do with democratic politics, nothing to do with policy though a lot to do with brand image (rather spoilt by dalliance with Brand), and nothing to do with the long-term - even a week in politics is too long for these people.

My advice: Work out what you stand for, take your time about it, consider federating with the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru and the SNP, choose your leader accordingly and put him or her in place sometime in 2016. Let Harriet Harman chair things until then.

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