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Friday, 8 May 2015

How Democracy Works

In the United Kingdom, there are  46 425 386 registered voters (and there are a lot of other people who could  register to vote but don't bother)

Yesterday, 66.1% of registered voters cast ballots in the General Election

Some 36.9% of those who voted, voted for Mr Cameron's Conservative Party, equivalent to 24.37% of the total electorate - easiest to think of that as 1 in 4 voters.

As a result - and as predicted on this Blog on 3rd May - Mr Cameron remains as Prime Minister and this time he doesn't have to go into a Coalition with anyone since the 36.9% of the votes converted into 331  seats in the 650 seat House of Commons, which in case you haven't realised is a Majority (51% of the seats).

And on that basis, the leaders of three of the unsuccessful parties have already committed the ritual suicide expected of them.

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