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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Is the Labour Party Finished?

I didn't vote in the UKs recent General Election and have no thoughts of changing my mind for the next one. The bookmakers are offering odds of 5 / 2 on Labour having an overall majority next time round. I think that's very optimistic. 500 / 1 and I might place a small bet.

No sooner were the 2015 results announced than Labour leader Ed Miliband committed ritual suicide - or maybe just walked away in a sulk. Sulking runs in the family: brother David "Banana" Miliband has kept one up for years and has been encouraged by his brother's defeat to start lobbing damp squibs again. Various Labour grandees from Lord Mandelson downwards have joined in as Party poopers.

Anyway, Miliband's suicide promptly opened the hen house door to a gaggle of headless chickens, running around and wanting to be the new Labour leader. Some have already fallen over but the others are still managing all kinds of wild and random statements, clearly indicative of people who never expect to enter Number Ten Downing Street, Even The Guardian which provides them with the oxygen of publicity has editorialised that it is a farce and ought to be called off. The party needs to re-assess itself properly.

The party does not know how to. There's not much of it left - who would want to belong? - and what's left isn't very talented. Or very decisive: they clung on to Miliband, despite the fact that he was a clear loser, just as they clung on to Gordon Brown.

My advice: the Labour and Unionist Party should dissolve itself and re-create itself as a more modest and mainly English organisation willing to work with the Greens, Liberals, Plaid Cymru and  the evil-because-successful SNP to create a Progressive bloc whose candidates would seek to keep the Tories out next time using the very simple method of putting up just one Progressive bloc candidate per constituency. It's the only way. Any other way and - on the back of an ageing electorate of limited vision - the Tories are there for a generation to make England a land of gated communities and food banks.

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