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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Private Eye and the President of China's Visit to the UK

It's hard to get a letter printed in the UKs very widely-read and very excellent satirical magazine, Private Eye; it's a must read for England's Estabishment, which is why I keep trying. 

This was my most recent attempt:


About your coverage of the Chinese President’s visit (Eye 1404, passim). It reminded me that many years ago Mr Tony Blair visited Rome to beg former Professor and Cardinal Ratzinger to visit the UK. The Professor and Cardinal had spent most of his life persecuting those members of the Roman Catholic church who sought to make it a more humane institution. For that, he was elected Pope. Mr Blair yielded to Mr Brown and though of a different stripe in religious matters, Mr Brown renewed the invitation to Pope Benedict. And so it came to pass that under Mr Cameron, of no religious stripe at all,  Benedict deigned to visit Scotland and England (but not the nearby Republic of Ireland where he would not have been safe and which shortly thereafter expelled his Papal Nuncio) and trod upon many red carpets and addressed both Houses of Parliament and the whole Establishment bowed and scraped  and I don’t remember your organ or any other organ of the Press (except in muted terms The Independent) saying that it was a disgrace and a national humiliation to grovel thus to someone so deeply implicated in covering up crimes against humanity around the world. And since then the only gesture of contrition came from HSBC which forcibly closed the London Nunciate’s bank account; too dodgy by half.


Well, they didn't publish it but the Editor did respond:

The Ed says: Thank you for your letter. Point noted. 

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