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Monday, 18 January 2016

Donald Trump on Trial in the British Parliament

Dear Donald Trump Supporter

The fact that British Members of Parliament are debating a petition which calls for Donald Trump to be barred from the United Kingdom is about two things.

First, it is about repeating the message broadcast fairly loudly by the Conservative  British Prime Minister, the Conservative Mayor of London, and the Conservative British Homeland Security Minister that the British Establishment would find it very hard to work with a President Trump. There would be no trust and no respect. They all think he is a buffoon, and an unpleasant one. That is one reason why they are willing to intervene in this unprecedented way in US domestic politics.

So if you push ahead and in the unlikely event that you succeed, don’t count on British co-operation in whatever foreign policies President Trump dreams up. Maybe you would have better luck with President Putin. But then you should realise that President Putin is in a different league as a thinker and strategist. He would run so many rings around a President Trump, you would all feel dizzy.

Second, it’s about our own situation. Over the past few decades occasional Mini Trumps, loud mouthed populists a bit like him, have tried to stir up conflict between different racial and religious groups in Britain. They have never had much success. The Establishment, both Right and Left, has usually come down on them pretty hard just as they are coming down hard on Trump. And even without that, voters have generally realised what the consequences would be and have never rallied to the cause of communal conflict, anymore than they have rallied to the cause of guns. If it can be managed, they would rather try to get on with their neighbours.

Maybe you should try that too.

As for the actual proposal to ban Mr Trump from the United Kingdom, well, it's really old fashioned poetic justice, isn't it. You wanna ban everyone Mister Trump? Hey, we're only gonna ban you.

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  1. Calm down. To say that Donald Trump is on trial in the British Parliament is absurd. MPs have debated the matter because any petition supported by 100,000 people is considered for parliamentary debate. After a session of childish name calling (which is the level of debate that we have come to expect from MPs), they did not vote on the matter. The Prime Minister has already indicated that he has no intention of banning Donald Trump, and many MPs have said that they don’t support a ban because the principle of free speech is more important.