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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Huffington Post as a Stylistic Disaster zone

David Cameron Wants Us All To Get S**tfaced For The Queen's Birthday

A long time ago now, I deleted BBC News from my Favourites bar. Tired and tiresome propaganda, much of it  devoted to promoting Cardinal Keith O'Brien ( the BBC backed the wrong horse there; safer to stick with the Queen). I replaced the BBC with Al Jazeera which has survived the test of time. I recommend it along with the Financial Times.

I have been wanting to dump The Guardian for some time. There is just too much spoilt brat whining in the far too large Comment section. So I have been trying out Huffington Post which turns out to be no improvement. It behaves like a giggling,naughty schoolchild which wants to say the Fuck word but can't quite manage it. Instead, the headlines are littered with ** * as illustrated by the example above cut and pasted from today's website. David Cameron is going to keep the pubs open longer on the Queen's 90th Birthday - God only knows why -  and Huffington Post has given its own take on that. Or rather it hasn't.

I have a simple question: Why, if it thinks "Shitfaced" can't it say "Shitfaced"? It's not an isolated instance. There are ***  all over the website, it's one of the most striking features of its design. It's as if it wants to be hip but then realises it is speaking to its Maiden Aunt, though a bit too late so that the words are only half-suppressed.

I can't be doing with this kind of  nonsense. It's now deleted from the Favourites Bar. *

* But when in a moment of weakness today 26 March I took another look, what do I find but:

Britain First Use Picture Of Kids Doing Yoga In Attempt To 'Stir The S***"

April 12 and still no signs of a learning curve:

Osborne Accused Of Talking 'B****cks' About How Much Money He Earned

April 19 and still completely oblivious:

April 28 and at last I feel I am having some effect:

April 29, nope, I'm not:

May 5, maybe this post will run for longer than Agatha Christie's Mousetrap:

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