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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

After BHS, Next Up - M & S?

Until recently, you could walk into my local Marks and Spencer and straight down the aisle to the popular Food Hall. Now you can’t. They have created an obstacle course by arranging all the racks of unsaleable women’s clothes into a maze. Get the idea? You will be stopped short by some floral frock and fall upon it before you reach the frozen food.

It ain’t gonna happen. The maze has only increased the obviousness of the pervasive Charity Shop smell, the smell which comes from cheap synthetics even before they have been sweated into. The women’s clothes start out smelling second-hand.

Just as bad, it’s obvious to me – and I am an elderly male not a discerning female – is the fact that all this clothing - with some few exceptions - has been imported from some recycled Soviet factory circa. 1980. The designs are awful – cut, cloth, design, print. It all just says Cheap, Cheerless, Clumsy, Clothing Coupons. On top of that, the racking is dismal, the sheer quantity dispiriting.

It can’t go on much longer. I reckon sometime in the next five years we will see M & S stores go the way of BHS

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  1. Meanwhile, the upstairs men’s department (which isn’t all rubbish) can be reached only by a slalom through ladies dresses - which must partially explain why the only customers there are men over the age of 50.