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Friday, 9 September 2016

The Financial Times and Mrs Theresa May

A couple of recent articles in the FT - the only newspaper worth reading in England - highlight the soon-to-become-visible weaknesses of the new government. Chris Giles and George Parker are both telling a similar story. Since the government came to power in an internal coup - no election, no parliamentary ratification, no Conservative Party ratification -  not surprisingly its leader is insecure even if she was not insecure already.

So remarkably authoritarian tendencies are on display, which for the moment play well with the tabloids but soon won't. There is a High Court case pending to challenge the view that Parliament is a merely consultative body so far as Article 50 is concerned. But the Prime Minister has made plain that, whatever the decision there, she regards Parliament as a Duma for the Tsarina to listen to or dismiss as she sees fit. In addition, Downing Street is offering a running commentary on speeches and comments made by its own Ministers. They too are being told they have no power. The Tsarina will decide everything, and what she decides will always be in everyone's interests for she is the Mother of all the British.

I recall reading somewhere that at the moment he was forced into abdication, Tsar Nicholas had been studying papers relating to the proposal to build new glass houses in the botanical garden of Dorpat's (Tartu's) ancient university. It's a credible story and illustrates the perils of micro-managing. While you are attending to the glass houses, you lose the throne.

Mrs May will lose a Minister sooner rather than later. Either she will sack someone who steps too far out of line or someone will rebel and stalk out. In a previous Blog, I have already put my money on Dr Fox as the person most likely for either because he has his own form for believing he can do exactly as he pleases (See my Blog 27 July 2016)

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