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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Why Does Witney Have A New pro-Brexit Tory MP?

Because those opposed to Brexit failed to put up a single candidate against him.
Thank you for nothing, Labour, Lib Dems and Greens.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


In both American and British politics, supposedly democratic votes laboriously produce results which could have been more easily achieved by the toss of a coin. When someone or something routinely wins 51 to 49 or 52 to 48 I find this deeply unimpressive and disturbing. Surely, there must be more occasions when something or someone is very right or very wrong. Surely, no one can take any comfort from such results.

People are getting excited because they think Trump will lose and if he loses 48 to 46 (allowing for the small party candidates) this will be hailed as a triumph. But to me, it would be a disaster. Forty six percent of US voters who can make it to the polling booth think Trump should be President of the United States? Well, then this is a country around which we should place a cordon sanitaire and deal with it very gingerly. We might find friends there, like the American Chamber of Commerce trying this week to stop BREXIT, but the idea of a Special Relationship with the whole country - well, that's just as crazy as Trump. If this country has produced forty six percent of its voters (and a majority of its males, apparently) who can envisage Trump as President - well, then its public education system has failed, its broadcasting system has failed, its handling of inequality has failed, its economic policy has failed .... You would have to be very stupid or very desperate to vote for Trump and no well-organised and well-functioning society would have allowed itself to get into a situation where half its population is stupid or desperate or both. What have all those Presidents and Congresses been doing the past twenty or fifty years?

Monday, 17 October 2016

The Daily Mail and What Do You Do When You Have Made The Wrong Call?

Everyone knows that in the 1930s lots of politicians and lots of newspapers  made the wrong call. They decided that Hitler was basically a decent chap making reasonable demands and that if you behaved reasonably and decently towards him, all would be well. Meanwhile, you attacked those who thought otherwise. The archives exist to show who said what when, even though some efforts are made to keep the worst ones away from Google searches. In the end, we were saved by the disloyalty of Conservative MPs who pulled the rug on their own appeasing leadership.

The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and other newspapers are already beginning to fear that they have made the wrong call again and that they encouraged their admittedly easily-led readerships to vote for a disastrous course of action, Brexit. Already, no one believes the Three Brexiteers and, anyway, we now know that power to do as we please is not in our hands after all. We will end up sovereign, independent and screwed. We will be able to watch our standard of living fall over a cliff and our public services likewise.

Rather than admit their folly and withdraw from the scene, the Brexit cheerleaders will all now become increasingly shrill in their denunciations of those who disagree with them. The Daily Mail is already down to the traditional last refuge - people who disagree with it are unpatriotic. A Conservative councillor who you have never heard of and does not deserve to be named has now gone one better and launched an online petition to make support for membership of the European Union a treasonable offence.

I am afraid I can only put it crudely. When you read this stuff, you realise these people  are now shitting themselves.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The United States of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland

Ireland is in a much stronger position than it imagines. When the Berlin Wall fell, the European Union co-operated as West Germany took on East Germany - a lot of people, a lot of problems. If Ireland took on Northern Ireland and Scotland - not so many people, not so many problems - the EU would also co-operate since the main aim would be to keep Northern Ireland and Scotland within the EU. It would be a rescue job just like the East German case. The two territories would be enabled to escape from Daily Mail tyranny and the suicide squads of Mrs May's Junta.

All Ireland has to do is offer the North and Scotland states' rights within a federal structure. They would be entitled to retain intact and entire their existing devolved systems of government until such time as they chose to modify them or until such time as they chose to leave this Celtic Federation. The only inescapable changes would be these:

- acceptance of the euro
- acceptance of Dublin as responsible for their (non-nuclear) defence
- they would have to give up on allegiance to the Queen though their local flags need not change

Over to you Ireland to make the first moves ...


Friday, 14 October 2016

Time for the Yanks to Intervene?

Back in 1956, the sovereign and independent United Kingdom led by a deluded druggie, Sir Anthony Eden, decided it would teach Egypt a lesson for nationalising the Suez Canal. A plot was hatched with imperialist France and imperialist Israel and Egypt was duly invaded.

The United Kingdom's headbangers were forced into a humiliating withdrawal and defeat when the United States under President Eisenhower (Republican) basically imposed sanctions which would have left the UK without money to support sterling and oil to fuel anything. The sovereign and independent government of the UK was simply shafted by superior power.

The United Kingdom's current bunch of Conservative headbangers, got up as some kind of Junta which does not answer to Parliament, are hell-bent not only on destroying the UK economy and what is left of its social framework but also on causing as much collateral harm to the UKs near neighbours as it can.

Time, I think, for the United States to tell us once again who is boss and indicate to the Junta that it is time for a U-turn and a restoration of parliamentary sovereignty - all the MPs were elected only very recently -  and an end to this Daily Mail-Daily Express delusional Brexit.

Update 18 October: 

No sooner do I call for US intervention than it is supplied.

According to today's Financial Times - the only newspaper you should be reading in these strange days - The US Chamber of Commerce is submitting a position paper to Downing Street demanding continuing "unfettered access" to the EU single market as the pre-condition of continued US investment in the UK. Since the Chamber of Commerce represents companies with $590 billion of investments in the UK, then when you cut through the fairly polite ("nonsense" not "bullshit") language of the paper, you find you are reading an ultimatum.

The Japaneses government has said the same about investments in the UK by its own national companies.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Europe Takes Control of Its Borders

At last, we can deal with the English Problem.
No visas for their football hooligans.
No visas for their stag parties.
No residence permits for their expats who don't speak the language.
No residence permits for their career criminals on the Costa del Dodgy.

Postscript later the same day: 
And no more English members of the European Parliament brawling in the corridors, taking up our hospital beds

Fog In Channel, Continent Cut Off

When General Franco lay dying, crowds gathered outside the palace crying "Adios!". Raising his head, the General enquired, "Where are they going?"

At the Conservative Party conference, the leader of our Committee for National Salvation addressed an audience which will be dead before her Junta's illusions bring on the decline and despair which are their only possible fruits. We will become like America: sovereign, independent, ignorant and isolated, completely divided between the wealthy and the impoverished, and just about kept afloat by illegal immigrants. God Save The King!

The older voters who voted for Brexit will die before their children and grandchildren have to pay for the consequences, not just of the Brexit vote but the way it has enabled a political coup - no bloodshed, no elections, no votes. A silent coup by people now coming out as noisy and nasty. If the NHS goes down the pan, the Brexit voters will probably die quicker than anticipated. One can only hope so; it will be one less burden on the Rates. Maybe the Junta is already factoring that in. The seventeen million have done their work;now they can go away. There are more important people to think about, those who Mr Fox aims to make very rich first among them.