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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Fog In Channel, Continent Cut Off

When General Franco lay dying, crowds gathered outside the palace crying "Adios!". Raising his head, the General enquired, "Where are they going?"

At the Conservative Party conference, the leader of our Committee for National Salvation addressed an audience which will be dead before her Junta's illusions bring on the decline and despair which are their only possible fruits. We will become like America: sovereign, independent, ignorant and isolated, completely divided between the wealthy and the impoverished, and just about kept afloat by illegal immigrants. God Save The King!

The older voters who voted for Brexit will die before their children and grandchildren have to pay for the consequences, not just of the Brexit vote but the way it has enabled a political coup - no bloodshed, no elections, no votes. A silent coup by people now coming out as noisy and nasty. If the NHS goes down the pan, the Brexit voters will probably die quicker than anticipated. One can only hope so; it will be one less burden on the Rates. Maybe the Junta is already factoring that in. The seventeen million have done their work;now they can go away. There are more important people to think about, those who Mr Fox aims to make very rich first among them.

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