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Monday, 17 October 2016

The Daily Mail and What Do You Do When You Have Made The Wrong Call?

Everyone knows that in the 1930s lots of politicians and lots of newspapers  made the wrong call. They decided that Hitler was basically a decent chap making reasonable demands and that if you behaved reasonably and decently towards him, all would be well. Meanwhile, you attacked those who thought otherwise. The archives exist to show who said what when, even though some efforts are made to keep the worst ones away from Google searches. In the end, we were saved by the disloyalty of Conservative MPs who pulled the rug on their own appeasing leadership.

The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and other newspapers are already beginning to fear that they have made the wrong call again and that they encouraged their admittedly easily-led readerships to vote for a disastrous course of action, Brexit. Already, no one believes the Three Brexiteers and, anyway, we now know that power to do as we please is not in our hands after all. We will end up sovereign, independent and screwed. We will be able to watch our standard of living fall over a cliff and our public services likewise.

Rather than admit their folly and withdraw from the scene, the Brexit cheerleaders will all now become increasingly shrill in their denunciations of those who disagree with them. The Daily Mail is already down to the traditional last refuge - people who disagree with it are unpatriotic. A Conservative councillor who you have never heard of and does not deserve to be named has now gone one better and launched an online petition to make support for membership of the European Union a treasonable offence.

I am afraid I can only put it crudely. When you read this stuff, you realise these people  are now shitting themselves.

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