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Saturday, 15 October 2016

The United States of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland

Ireland is in a much stronger position than it imagines. When the Berlin Wall fell, the European Union co-operated as West Germany took on East Germany - a lot of people, a lot of problems. If Ireland took on Northern Ireland and Scotland - not so many people, not so many problems - the EU would also co-operate since the main aim would be to keep Northern Ireland and Scotland within the EU. It would be a rescue job just like the East German case. The two territories would be enabled to escape from Daily Mail tyranny and the suicide squads of Mrs May's Junta.

All Ireland has to do is offer the North and Scotland states' rights within a federal structure. They would be entitled to retain intact and entire their existing devolved systems of government until such time as they chose to modify them or until such time as they chose to leave this Celtic Federation. The only inescapable changes would be these:

- acceptance of the euro
- acceptance of Dublin as responsible for their (non-nuclear) defence
- they would have to give up on allegiance to the Queen though their local flags need not change

Over to you Ireland to make the first moves ...


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