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Friday, 14 October 2016

Time for the Yanks to Intervene?

Back in 1956, the sovereign and independent United Kingdom led by a deluded druggie, Sir Anthony Eden, decided it would teach Egypt a lesson for nationalising the Suez Canal. A plot was hatched with imperialist France and imperialist Israel and Egypt was duly invaded.

The United Kingdom's headbangers were forced into a humiliating withdrawal and defeat when the United States under President Eisenhower (Republican) basically imposed sanctions which would have left the UK without money to support sterling and oil to fuel anything. The sovereign and independent government of the UK was simply shafted by superior power.

The United Kingdom's current bunch of Conservative headbangers, got up as some kind of Junta which does not answer to Parliament, are hell-bent not only on destroying the UK economy and what is left of its social framework but also on causing as much collateral harm to the UKs near neighbours as it can.

Time, I think, for the United States to tell us once again who is boss and indicate to the Junta that it is time for a U-turn and a restoration of parliamentary sovereignty - all the MPs were elected only very recently -  and an end to this Daily Mail-Daily Express delusional Brexit.

Update 18 October: 

No sooner do I call for US intervention than it is supplied.

According to today's Financial Times - the only newspaper you should be reading in these strange days - The US Chamber of Commerce is submitting a position paper to Downing Street demanding continuing "unfettered access" to the EU single market as the pre-condition of continued US investment in the UK. Since the Chamber of Commerce represents companies with $590 billion of investments in the UK, then when you cut through the fairly polite ("nonsense" not "bullshit") language of the paper, you find you are reading an ultimatum.

The Japaneses government has said the same about investments in the UK by its own national companies.

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