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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sex Role Stereotyping Made in Great Britain for Marks and Spencer

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Apart from the Food Hall, I would have no regrets if Marks and Spencer went the way of BHS. It just seems completely lost, which may of course simply reflect its customer base.

Thirty or forty years ago, I was sure that colour-coding of young children would disappear. It hasn't: see the cards I bought today looking for a birthday card for a child about to hit three. True, there has been a little bit of progress:the girl is now allowed to jump in a puddle but it's the boy who gets the skateboard.

Educationalists probably hope that greetings card manufacturers will understand the importance of lower case letters in helping children to read - even children as young as three. But, nope, here we have good old fashioned CAPITALS. Since the cards are Made In flag-waving Great Britain, you might have hoped that our very many degree programmes in Graphic Design - where you can specialise in children's illustration and such like - would have caught up with the drift of the argument for lower case. But it seems, no chance.

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