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Friday, 4 November 2016

When and Why Mrs May Has To Resign As Prime Minister

Since the day she took office, it has been  the personal policy of the Prime Minister to proceed towards Brexit without consulting Parliament, let alone asking Parliament to vote. That personal policy has just been undermined by a Court ruling. Mrs May has decided to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court, unwisely it seems to me. For if she loses there, and by a heavy margin (there will be eleven or twelve judges sitting), then she cannot avoid the charge that she has set about behaving unconstitutionally and has continued to do so even when alerted to the dangers she is running. If the Supreme Court rules against her, she really has no choice but to resign as unfit to hold the office she now holds. She could be ejected by a Parliamentary vote, though if this took the form of a No Confidence motion in the Government, she would have to call a General Election and might still be returned to office by the voters. Voters do sometimes vote for crooks.But the Court ruling would still be in place. And Parliament could instead, I suppose, impeach her.

But I'm serious: if the Supreme Court rules against her, she has to go,one way or another.

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