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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Why the Labour Party is Finished

No one needs it.

If you are in favour of Brexit, you have got the National Conservatives and you simply don't need this disorganised party which is tagging along behind with no clear idea about why it is tagging along. If you are against Brexit, the Labour Party is just another enemy and you have to fall back on the Christian Liberal Democrats and, if you are lucky enough, the Scottish National Party.

Results so far. In Sleaford Labour finishes fourth after the Conservatives, the Trump Party, the Liberal Democrats. In Richmond, trailing behind the Christian Liberal Democrats and the National Conservatives. Nobody needs Labour.

It really is an extraordinary and appalling mess and I don't think we are going to get out of it. The decade 2008 - 2018 has already been described as a lost decade. I cannot see how 2018 - 2028 will be any different. I expect more food banks, more trains that do not run, more homelessness, an even bigger income and wealth gap, more crime and the National Conservatives still in power. I'll probably be dead by the end of that second wasted decade, but so too will half of those who voted to destroy the future for their children and grandchildren.

Over to you, Owen Jones. And do bear in mind that the United Kingdom is at its biggest crossroads since 1939 and where it might be thought that there was a premium on informed and decisive leadership.

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