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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Dear Sir or Madam, Will You Read My Book ....

Three out; one at the printer and due in May 2017. Two general works of autobiography and criticism; two academic works. Published by degree zero. All available on Amazon, new and used, or by order at your local bookshop (Waterstones included). Take your pick:

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The Best I Can Do. 176 pages. Paperback. Published May 2016. £8.95 but yours for £0.01 at Amazon

Materials and Medium: An Aesthetics. 160 pages. Hardback. 
Published October 2016. £17.95 but lower priced copies appearing on Amazon

Silence Is So Accurate. 224 pages. Hardback. Published February 2017. £20 but lower priced copies already appearing on Amazon

Studies in Pragmatics. 240 pages. Hardback. Due May 2017. £30
This academic book is one for the university library!

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