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Monday, 17 April 2017

Blue Passports and Seasonal Work Permits

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Oh, those were the days and we are going back to them.Hip, hip hooray!  God Save the Queen!

Here is my first passport, acquired at the age of 16 back in 1964 with a view to travelling to Sweden after my "A" levels. You will see that I am missing a Wife, but never mind.

But only two stamps in my passport prove that I travelled at all:

I sailed from Harwich and got an entry stamp at Esbjerg on the 25 July 1964, a few days after my 17th birthday. Then I travelled to Sweden by train, but returned by a different route, leaving Denmark on 29 September 1964. No evidence at all as to when or where I left the United Kingdom or re-entered it. In those days, it seems, Passport Control cut corners by not officiously stamping on every one. But I could have re-entered by swimming the channel for all that the official record shows.We will correct such slackness this time around!

And what was I going to do in Sweden? I was going to work as a Diversarbetare - an Odd Job Worker - and I had a Visa giving me permission to do that from 27 July to 30 September. The Visa cost me nine shillings (see top right) and to get it I had to prove that I had a job to go to, as indeed I did. I probably spent another nine shillings travelling to the Consulate, my proof of a job in hand.

Surprisingly. on this occasion I seem not to have needed to have my foreign currency purchases recorded in my Passport. Perhaps I simply travelled with sandwiches and a thermos flask. But it looks very dodgy to me. This time around, there will be no such slackness! Show us your money before you travel!

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