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Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Future of the Brexiteers

The most important thing is that they die off, never to be replaced.  Most are indeed elderly and many enjoy life styles which will cut short their days. So far so good. But the real question is this, How do we ensure that they are not replaced?

There's probably not much anyone can do about the guaranteed supply of rich and thick boys from public schools who are never going to be much good at anything beyond getting pissed and waving the flag, in that order,  though those abilities can take you a long way in life, it's true.

The real problem is how to stop a new generation emerging in Labour's heartlands or the Conservatives' soulless suburbs who want to isolate their country from the world in the name of Free Trade - the kind of politics which now leads Charlie Elphick, MP for Dover to propose the concreting over of Kent into a giant lorry park to cope with the Customs delays  which will arise at the Channel Ports from his version of Brexit. Likewsie, how to stop anyone new believing that it is better to spend money on thousands of jobsworth Customs officers than on the NHS. And so on.

So the focus has to shift from the lost generation, the over sixties, onto those who are still at risk of mass idiocy - those in their forties and fifties, perhaps. Some serous educational effort is called for, and some serious political policies to wean them away from any hankering for Little (and Impoverished) England.

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