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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

My Political Prediction for 2018: Boris Johnson is Finished

On my Blog for 31 December 2010, I made the following Prediction:

 Dr Liam Fox will not be Secretary of State for Defence by the end of 2011

He was sacked in April 2011, basically for using his official position to further the economic interests of Adam Werritty, and did not get back until  Theresa May had to give him a job.

I don't make many predictions because it's a hazardous business, but the tea leaves are now speaking so clearly that I have to tell you

Boris Johnson is finished

Since that is too much like The End of the World Is Nigh I will quantify it:

By the end of 2018 Boris Johnson will not be either Foreign Secretary or Prime Minister.


9 July 2018: Boris Johnson resigns as Foreign Secretary

31 December 2018: Mystic Trev's Prediction fulfilled. HOWEVER, over at the Financial Times, chief political correspondent Robert Shrimsley in his New Year's Message thinks that Mr Johnson will get one last shot at power in 2019 and may well succeed. Since Mr Johnson's rivals for  the keys to 10 Downing Street (Mr Corbyn having already shot himself in the foot multiple times) are busy making even bigger fools of themselves than even Mr Johnson can manage, Mr Shrimsley may be on to something ....