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Monday, 13 August 2018

How Should A Young Person Respond to Brexit?

It’s said that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. That’s a short summary of the main weakness of collective decision making when it aims at compromise rather than truth. Nobody gets what they want because other won’t let them, but the others don’t get what they want either. So everybody gets something they don’t want, a camel rather than a horse. So it will be with Brexit.

It’s also an unfortunate truth that, however much you may wish it, once you have dug yourself into a hole it may not be possible to dig yourself out. Once you have gone down a certain road, there may be no turning back. Maybe because others won’t agree to turn back and you can’t do it on your own. Maybe because newcomers won’t let you back – they’ve occupied the ground you once occupied. Maybe because you can no longer afford the reverse trip.

Brexit is going to cost one helluva lot of money down the drain and there won’t be any funds left for a reverse Brexit. And,anyway, no one will want to have us. We've proved ourselves first of all perpetual nuisances and then just very arrogant and stupid.

Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, Paris, Rotterdam, Vienna, Zeebrugge will have occupied the slots in aviation, banking, shipping that the UK once occupied and as yet unidentified cities will have the car manufacturing. 

The diehards here will be pressing for the reintroduction of pounds, shillings and pence just to complete the brave new world of Ruritania where a new royal baby will be born every week and the food banks will be named after them.

If you were born after about 1990 and have a bit of a brain, my advice is simple: Leave. Try your luck elsewhere, if they will have you. There’s not much of a future for you here in England, still less in Wales which is  death-wish territory. Maybe some future in Scotland and in Northern Ireland if it unites with the south, otherwise not.

The big obstacle for someone born in England after about 1990 is that in all probability you don’t speak any language other than English unless you have the good fortune to come from an immigrant background. But that obstacle is not insuperable. It’s true you could head for Australia or Ireland (the republic), though not the USA where things will also go from bad to worse. But it’s also true that you are young enough to learn a foreign language properly. You’ll have to take a low paid job, attend lots of classes, and give up social media in English (they should be given up anyway). It will take you a year to crack it, maybe a bit more if you head to somewhere where the alphabet is different.

But just Go and don’t come back. You won’t regret it. Spend an evening with the film Cinema Paradiso and think about it.

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