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Friday 1 July 2016

2016 - 2021 and Beyond?

Here in the UK, we are now looking at five more wasted years, years in which the economy will be stagnant or decline, in which the quality of life will deteriorate, and in which politicians will have very little to show for their salaries and the share of media time they command. Imagine that the country is now going to be run by a second-rate Town Council forever. That's pretty much what it will be like.

The vote for BREXIT was a vote for national decline and, probably, national disintegration. If the Scots have any sense, they will get out - and they shouldn't wait five years before doing so. If the Northern Irish have any sense, they will ask Dublin for an offer they can't refuse: keeping their power sharing government, but under Irish sovereignty, and adopting the euro as currency. Nothing else seems to make sense.

As for Wales and Cornwall and the North of England, well, they deserve everything they have asked for.

As for Mr Johnson, he is simply biding his time. There will come a day, he hopes, when Mr or Ms Chamberlain will step off that plane from Germany waving that worthless bit of paper, that humiliating deal with  the EU, and then Mr Johnson can step forward as Mr Churchill.

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  1. But Northern Ireland will not seek Irish sovereignty because the majority would rather be British - for reasons of history, emotion, religion and bloody mindedness.