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Saturday 24 December 2022

Should parents post photographs of their children on social media?


This morning, 25 December 2022, two main photographs on the BBC News website show children of William and Kate ; yesterday another photograph of them appeared on my Yahoo newsfeed. I don’t watch television or follow anyone on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but my guess is that if I did I would find many more images of these children. I could also easily find images of the children of Harry  and Meghan. I get the impression that these images have recently proliferated.

I don’t follow celebrity gossip either, but it is impossible not to know that the two sets of parents are in conflict. And it looks to me as if the children, as often happens, are being  weaponised. 

Many - maybe most - parents are wary of posting images of their children publicly, online. Many celebrities and politicians are also careful about putting their children in the public eye. They have many reasons: partly it is about their children’s safety; maybe it is to make their lives easier at school; maybe also they think children have some right to privacy until they are old enough to make their own decisions.

The publicity machines which manage the lives of Britain’s Royal-Family-in-Conflict should take note.Leave the children out of it.

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